Dramatic Black and White

 Looking for Graphic Compositions
 Eastern State opened in 1829, people marveled at its grand architecture (John Havilland) and radical philosophy. The experiment, to reform criminals through strict isolation, soon became a model for prison design world wide. . Once the most expensive building in the USA, Eastern State was finally abandoned in 1971 after 142 years in use. It is a National Historic Landmark.
What we learned from our tour guide, was the strict isolation was to give them the
criminal time with the bible.  The problem with experiment was 80% of the criminals could not read. Many went mad.
“When you combine shapes, forms, patterns and textures with dramatic lighting, you are on your way to creating a dramatic black-and-white image.”  Rick Salmmon

Eastern State is long halls, crumbling paint, patterns, walkways, door, windows, and many other subjects.

A perfect place for dramatic B&W._DSC3199-Edit-2

Old Fords

Ford Truck Collection

Panhandle Florida

If you’re heading south of Tallahassee, Florida on Highway 319, you’ll see a spectacular collection of old Ford trucks. Arranged in chronological order, dating from the early 1900s to the mid 1970s.

The trucks, placed here by Pat Harvey, have all been used on the Harvey family farm. Some were used by his grandfather and some by his father. All were left in the woods to rust when their time had passed.

Photography rule – Select a good Subject

old Ford_DSC0863_DSC0983_DSC0886

The question I asked myself; ”How to shoot a close look at an individual truck while showing the place?”

It was the placement of the trucks that I visualized.

The placements of these rusting Fords make them a unique subject.  I love trucks so naturally I loved this place.   I did a fast overview stop in the evening when the light was wrong.  It gave me a chance to sleep on how to tell the story of many old Fords in a field.

It was a bright Florida morning when I went back. The trucks were looking into the sun.  I did 5 shots to blend into an HDR.